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Coronation School marks King’s Charles’ Coronation

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Montreal - Friday, May 5, 2023

With the Coronation of King Charles III set to take place this weekend, Kindergarten teachers Soumiya Thiyagarajah and Rhealyne-Marie Estero at Coronation School in Cote des Neiges decided to ensure that their students learn why their school’s name will be leading all headlines.

With this being the first Coronation of a British Royal since 1953, on Wednesday, May 3 the Kindergarten teachers turned the upcoming event into an interactive history lesson for their students with the help of a Grade 5 class.

To mark the “Coronation,” students spent the morning learning about the coronation and why this event is so significant to British people both in the United Kingdom and around the world. Students will also participate in an arts and crafts project where they created their own crowns and other Coronation symbols.

In 1953, schools across the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (now the EMSB) celebrated the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II with various ceremonies. The PSBGM distributed to all schools an illustrated brochure indicating ways to replicate the symbols, regalia and appendages “to make the Coronation an event of beauty and charm in our rooms and corridors.” Each school was supplied with a framed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, while the students created further decorations on their own. In addition to various art activities, schools marked the occasion with assemblies, history lessons, and music.

Coinciding with the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II was the opening of Coronation School, hence its name as researched by the EMSB Archives.

Meanwhile, on   May 5  at Roslyn School in Westmount , “Morning Tea” was served with the Kindergarten and Grade 6 students to mark the Coronation.  

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