School Program

Enriched Math & Technology

Leonardo da Vinci Academy provides its’ students with an enriched technology and computer curriculum. The technology and computer curriculum allows for project-based learning embedded into the English and French curriculum.

Each classroom in our school is equipped with a Smart Board and the Smart Response tool, allowing for interactive lessons whereby student’s learning is stimulating and differentiated. In addition, students explore various web-based applications, using a variety of software to present and showcase their learning. The introduction of iPad technology and its' many tools and applications is also explored throughout the cycles.

Our enriched math program provides students with math instruction everyday whereby both reasoning and solving situational problems are targeted. In the junior cycles, additional emphasis is placed on solidifying basic skills, while in the senior cycle, students develop proficiency when working through situational problems is the focus. Furthermore, numerous math units focus on integrating mathematical reasoning into everyday problems, allowing students to appreciate its' importance.

Additionally, we recognize that learning stems from multiple resources located throughout the world. The students at LDVA get the chance to experience learning exchanges from around the world through the use of our video-conferencing unit.