School News


Monday, March 23, 2020

Dear LDVA Community

We hope this latest update finds you well and that you are coping with the daily challenges as best you can.  Yesterday, Mr. Legault announced that the schools will all be closed until  May 1st as an earliest tentative return date.  Mr. Jean-Francois Roberge informed the public that he will be sending parents a list of learning activities (not obligatory to complete) from the Ministry of Education (MEES) department…as soon as we receive more information or directives, we will inform you. In the meantime, feel free to use the list of links the LDVA team had prepared for you. The minister also announced his department is working with Tele-Québec to prepare short educational videos for the students.  Furthermore, announced yesterday, all Ministry exams have been canceled. It is not the government’s intention to transform parents into teachers and homes into schools, hence learning activities on-line are simply supplementary work to keep children’s brains engaged. The minister also stated that starting April 6th, the MEES will forward to all families a list of suggested non-mandatory activities adapted to the students’ grade level.  

Parents will eventually have the opportunity to enter schools and retrieve their personal belongings and material.  Do not go to the school until you have received a direct personalized invitation from us.  As of yet, we still cannot enter the school. We will advise you when we receive the directives that we can indeed open the school and prepare a schedule. Also, please note that we have not received the entrepreneur hoodies and t-shirts therefore, cannot distribute them at this time. As things develop, we will update you.

With regards to all grade 4 students who were supposed to receive their second dose of their vaccine on April 21st, I have contacted our school nurse. She has assured me that there is no danger in delaying their second dose as their bodies have already started producing antibodies. All the nurses right now are working in the Santé Publique sector either testing people for COVID-19 or on calls offering support. They will await to see what directives they will receive come May regarding vaccination and will communicate with the schools.

Finally, if the grade 6 graduation pic needs to be rescheduled again, we will do so. We will continue keeping you posted with all information we receive.

No one could have expected what is happening and it is out of all of our control. We simply need to take one day at a time, listen to the information and directives being provided and take care of our families.

Wishing you all health,


LDVA Administration