Educational Support Programs

Support is provided by our resource teachers in both French and English to students who are experiencing learning difficulties in a particular area or who are considered to be at-risk learners.
Students with special needs are integrated into our classes where individualized programs are implemented in order for students to reach their fullest potential at their own pace.

How can I get my child evaluated for support services?

In order to have the special education needs of a child met, there is an evaluation and referral process. This process depends on whether the child is being newly registered with the EMSB or if they are currently attending an EMSB school. Children can be evaluated for possible learning disabilities, social maladjustments or handicaps.

Evaluation & Referral Process (EMSB)

Our special needs programs & services

Specialized educational support services and individualized education plans are provided by a team of professionals from the EMSB Student Services Department for our students with specific learning needs.

Educational Support Services (EMSB)