EMSB to stand in solidarity with climate change rally

Image by Robert Jones from Pixabay
Montreal - Thursday, September 26, 2019

The English Montreal School Board is standing in solidarity with the climate change rally this Friday, September 27.

There is great enthusiasm for this important topic among students, staff and parents. As a result when classes are in session on Friday, EMSB Director General Ann Marie Matheson reports that many schools and centres have already reported their plans to engage in activities related to environmental issues.

 “Climate change is an important topic and as a school board we have always made the environment a priority,” said Ms. Matheson. “Our schools are leading the way with so many impressive initiatives. We can look forward to seeing some of that enthusiasm Friday and of course going forward.”

School Activities Friday

Here is a look at some school activities planned for Friday that the media may wish to cover:

Students at Vincent Massey Collegiate in Rosemount (5925 27th Avenue) are ready to make a statement during homeroom period and at lunch hour. They will do so via competitions around the number of students who use refillable water bottles. As an incentive prizes will be up for grabs. The school will also  use this special day to kick off  its composting project.

At Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School in Rosemount (6855 Cartier), students will replicate the downtown rally by having their own march through their hallways and around the block at 12:30 pm.

Students at Dunrae Gardens in TMR (235 Dunrae) will also have a march through their area  in support of climate change at 11:05 am.  They have already started creating and reusing posters out of recycled materials. Teachers have been speaking to their classes about the importance of protecting the environment and the impact it can have on their generation. Students and staff at Carlyle Elementary School in TMR (109 Carlyle) will walk around the block (10:30 am).

At Roslyn Elementary School in Westmount (4699 Westmount) students  will be in the school yard creating planned chalk work conveying climate change messages during afternoon recess periods (1:50 and 2:20 pm).

 “We commend all of our stakeholders for their commitment to this issue,” said EMSB Chairman Angela Mancini.

Board-Wide Initiatives

Ms. Mancini is pleased to announce a number of board-wide initiatives.

The EMSB Food and Nutrition Services Division has implemented a number of environmental changes. Styrofoam dinnerware has been replaced with recyclable plates and cups in all EMSB cafeterias thus reducing the use of styrofoam disposables by 90 percent and individual aluminum containers replaced with biodegradable ones.  At the administrative head office in NDG, plastic cutlery is no longer available. 

In collaboration with the City of Montreal, the EMSB will initiate a pilot project of composting in buildings. The first phase of implantation this fall will consist of five schools: East Hill, Vincent Massey Collegiate, Royale Vale, Nesbitt and Coronation. In total, 16 schools will participate in this initiative with the city  and other municipalities in future phases: Pierre de Coubertin,  Willingdon Senior, Campus, Mackay Centre/Philip E. Layton, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Michelangelo, Sinclair Laird, John Grant, Elizabeth Ballantyne, John Caboto, Dunrae Gardens and Westmount Park North Campus.

While the EMSB used to only recycle paper, we now do so with   plastic bottles and tin cans at the administrative head office.

Adult and Vocational Centres

As a long-term initiative, EMSB Adult Education and Vocational Service (AEVS)  Centres will be doing their part as well. At the Galileo Adult Education Centre Social Integration Services (SIS) students will collect, sort and return cans. Coffee will be sold at a discount if students bring in their own cups or thermos. There are plans to begin a composting program for cooking students. Plastic utensils and plates will be eliminated.  John F. Kennedy Adult Education Centre will recycle all paper and plastic, reduce photocopies and encourage the use of the water fountain. The Wagar Adult Education Centre is encouraging water fountains over water bottles. There are no styrofoam cups or plastic utensils. All paper is being recycled and in the case of metal cans, the tabs are being donated for the production of wheelchairs.  They also continue to push the use of electronic mail instead of hard copies.  The Shadd Business and Health Centre Green Team will help clean up Parc Georges-Saint-Pierre on Friday.  They also intend on getting more paper shredded to contribute to their "tile project,"  establish clear signage for enhanced waste sorting (graphic design student project), continue to use reusable plates, cutlery, cups and bring your own mug at staff breakfast, BBQ, and other food events and introduce composting.  Educational workshops on waste reduction/litter-less lunches will be organized. Green info in the student agenda will include asking  students to bring refillable water bottles,  having module 1 in all programs provide an overview of "green goals" at our school, give out information on how to sort waste in bins and to offer as an incentive a free beverage or snack for those who bring their own refillable bottles. At Rosemount Technology Centre, all students and staff to are being asked to bring their own water bottles and to use recycle cups for coffee and drinks.


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